Classifieds Website in Rs.8500




Functionality features

  • Mobile templates.People will browse your website easily while being mobile.
  • Location filter.All listings displayed will reflect the last chosen location every time you open the browser, until you change it again.
  • Location subdomains.When a location is selected it will be used like a subdomain, like
  • Completely customizable post listing form.Configure unlimited fields of various types including Google Maps, Images, Files and Youtube Videos. You can even create category specific fields, so your posting form for Real Estate listings will be different from the one for posting Cars listings.
  • Customizable Quick Search and Refine Search forms.Choose the fields that you want to appear in your search forms.
  • One step submit ad form.Easy to use, responsive forms.
  • Zip / Postcode area search.Allow your visitors to search ads within a radius distance from a given zip / postcode location.
  • Email Alerts.Your visitors can choose to be notified when new listings that match their search are added.
  • Allow your visitors to switch languages from site frontend.
  • Save favoritesads so you can read them later.
  • Bulk Uploads.Import multiple ads by uploading a single file.
  • Tweet when ads are posted

Content Management

  • RSS feeds.Publish latest ads as RSS feeds. You can create unlimited feeds for different categories if you choose to.
  • Custom Pages.Add new content to your classified ads site easily using a HTML editor and attaching it to one of the 2 navigation bars of the site.
  • Customize navigation.Add new links to your main navigation bar and to a footer navigation bar. Submenus in the form of drop down menus are supported.
  • Easily add Image, Flash and Code ( AdSense like ) banners to your site. Very flexible positioning options, including full page background banners.


Multiple payment gateways support

  • PayPal
  • net SIM
  • 2Checkout
  • Skrill
  • ePay
  • Fortumo– SMS payment
  • PayTPV
  • Robokassa
  • Hipay
  • Payfast
  • Manual payment.This payment type stands for any non electronic payment.
  • Credits system.Users will be able to buy credits once, and then use them to pay for posting ads on your site or for extra features you offer.
  • Sale tax.Configure sale tax to be added to the total paid by your clients.


Other Features

  • Multiple photos.Number of images is configurable for each listing plan.
  • Multiple photos upload.You can select multiple images and upload them at once!
  • Image automatic operations.Change photos order, Watermark, Limit upload size, Resize photos to a smaller size, Create thumbnails
  • It is possible to enable HTML editor for listings description.
  • Mark listings as Sold or Rented.
  • Email notifications when an item expires.
  • Renew expired ads.
  • It is possible to automatically delete expired listings.





  • User Groups.You have the ability to create different user groups. Each user group can have different registration forms, different ad plans assigned and different settings that apply to users belonging to this group.
  • Completely customizable registration form fields.
  • Allow login with username or just email address.
  • Moderator accounts.You can define users with administrator rights.
  • Affiliate accounts.Affiliates will promote your classifieds business in exchange for a percent of the generated revenue.
  • Allow login and registration using Facebook, Google and OpenID accounts.
  • Allow visitors to post ads without an account.Make the process of adding listings easyer for your visitors by allowing them to post without registering. You can use this postings ads model, and at the same time allow posting ads with an user account.
  • Allow subscriptionsas a special listing plan type. Subscriptions will allow your users to post a number of ads, or an unlimited number for a time period after buying a subscription to your classified ads site.
  • Recurring PayPal payment.Allow subscriptions to be automatically renewed using recurring payments.
  • Internal messaging.Messages between users will be recorded on your site.

Security Features

  • Login History.A log is kept with every login for every user in the system.
  • Report ads.Users can report listings with inappropriate content.
  • IP Blocking.Block spam or other malicious activities by blocking their IP addresses, all done with just a click.
  • Email Blocking.Fight spam by blocking email addresses
  • Forbidden Words.It is possible to filter or replace some words from your listing content.
  • Image Verification for forms.You can choose to use Google’s reCAPTCHA.
  • Accounts activation via email.To make sure accounts are legitimate, you can choose to request the account activation before use. The process is as simple as clicking a link in a received email.
  • Built in send email form system to prevent email stealing.No email address will be found in clear on your site because all communication is done with contact forms.
  • Pending Approval.You can choose that some listings, accounts or other actions on your site to wait for administrator approval

SEO features

  • SEO Friendly Links.Use URL rewriting to make the classifieds site URLs more search engine friendly.
  • Location subdomains.Your site URL will appear differentiated for various locations using a different subdomain.
  • Customize page title, meta keywords and description for all pages.You can even use tags, which will be replaced with different values from the current page. For example the values of a search, or the category name or other special value of an ad. You can basically make all pages have different meta information, which is very important for your site search engine optimization.
  • Google Sitemaps.The script will automatically generate and renew a XML sitemap for your site, with the frequency and the importance you configure for each page.
  • Tag Cloud.Show most searched terms on your site as tags in a specialized section.
  • Canonical URLs.To avoid multiple pages with the same content our script automatically makes use of cannonical URLs.


Extra Modules

All the following modules are included in Standard Version, no extra fee is involved.

  • Area Search(Search within a zip or postcode area. This module requires additional data: database with zipcodes/postcodes and longitude and latitude coordinates.)
  • Comments(Comments system for listing details page.)
  • Loan Calculator(Adds a Loan Calculator to details page)
  • Tag Cloud(Show the most searched words in a tag cloud.)
  • Browse by Location(Display a box where users can view locations and browse listings by location.)
  • Browse by Car Make(Display a box where users can browse listings by makes.)
  • Similar Ads(Shows a number of similar ads on listing details page.)
  • Meta Extension(Allows you to customize meta information for different search pages.)
  • News(News module. Shows a short version for a number of news on the first page.)
  • Compare listings(Allow comparison between multiple listings.)
  • Ratings & Reviews(Ratings and reviews system for listings or for users.)
  • Connect with 3rd party accounts(Allow login using FaceBook, Google and OpenID accounts.)
  • Social networks plugin(Add to your site: Facebook Like buttons, Facebook recent activity, Tweet all ads automatically, Tweet buttons, Twitter follow button, Facebook page link)
  • List Dealers PageCreates a page where all dealers are listed, and so you give value to the special dealer account type.
  • Banners LocationAllows you to configure banners to appear for specific locations.
  • Popular adsShow top most viewed ads.
  • Promote listingsPeople with ads which don’t get enough hits will receive an email describing the paid extra options your classifieds website offers and which will increase the listing visibility
  • Adult categories moduleDefine some categories as with adult content and require agreeing over a disclaimer page.




Site Management Features

  • Import and Export listings or users in CSV or XML format.
  • Scheduled imports.Configure automatic imports from an URL or a FTP server.
  • Database Backup.You can do instant or scheduled database backups.
  • New templates.Choose between 7 templates and 9 colorschemes for your website.
  • Customize categories list.You can create unlimited categories and subcategories.
  • Templates and CSS editor.Edit your templates right from web interface.
  • Full control of design part.HTML code is completely separated from PHP script files. This gives you the possibility to make changes easily to the design part.
  • Easy Language Translator.If we don’t support your language, you can translate the script yourself easily.
  • Easyly customize or translate all info and email site messages.
  • Customize your business localization.Customize location related settings like timezone, charset, date format, price and number formats, currency, currency position.



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